4 Chimney Cleaning Tips

Your chimney should be cleaned at a minimum once a year to reduce the risk of fire outbreaks.

Creosote and soot buildup can cause a fire outbreak in your chimney if you don’t pay attention. When it comes to cleaning your chimney you have two options,  either do it yourself or hire a qualified chimney cleaning company to carry out the task. Whichever way you go with, here are some tips to consider when cleaning your chimney.

Hire A Professional Cleaning Sweep Company

You might want to clean your chimney yourself, but some home remedies could be ineffective. Certified, licensed  and professional chimney cleaning and sweep have the equipment, skills and experience to do a thorough job. Also, such professionals can inspect and repair your chimney if it’s damaged.

However, not every chimney cleaning company is genuine. Sometimes choosing  the lowest prices could end up hurting you. Some chimney sweepers operate without a license and may not have ample skills and experience to clean your chimney correctly.

Clean Your Chimney Yourself

If you are the ‘do-it-yourself’ kind of person, it’s possible to clean a chimney on your own.You need to be detail oriented when executing your cleaning tasks. After cleaning, make sure the components of the venting system are inspected and thoroughly cleaned by a professional with RBQ license

To be effective, brush all the components thoroughly. If your wood heating appliance is of a newer generation, ensure you clean the ash and soot that has accumulated by removing the baffles. You will need brushes, dust masks, drop cloth, flashlight, and a shop vacuum. The size of the brush should match that of the chimney. 

Wait for at least 12hours after the fire is out to start sweeping the chimney and the fireplace. Soot and ashes can remain hot for long hours.

Vacuum Regularly

Ensure you dust or vacuum the hearth area at least weekly to prevent soot and dirt from building up. Again, you should wait for at least 12hours before cleaning or until the embers have extinguished.

Put a Plastic Tarp Around the Fireplace

While cleaning, place a plastic tap around the fireplace. This prevents the floor beneath, and the hearth from getting dirty. Disposal of the soot and ashes is also made more accessible when cleaning is over.

Give Your Fireplace Time to Cool Off

You should wait until your fireplace, and the ashes have cooled before attempting to clean up. Maybe a day after the fireplace was used. Soot and dust will have settled, and there will be reduced chances of inhaling them. Always make sure you wear a dust mask while cleaning.


Whether you are a do-it-yourself or call-a-professional type of person, your chimney should be kept clean and free from creosote and soot buildup. However, tiresome cleaning can be; it is manageable as long as you have the right tools. With these tips, you should comfortably  keep your chimney clean.

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